Company goals
SOKOL Premium Interiors is an original workshop of premium interiors. "Our goal is not the number of projects in the portfolio, but the creation of unique and inimitable interiors that reflect our clients' concept and personality."

SOKOL Premium Interiors was founded by high-class specialists and, by a lucky chance, a married couple - Natalya and Alexander Sokolov. Each of them went through a certain creative path uncovering the potential in the work of their lives.

Quality & Exclusivity
SOKOL Premium Interiors provides a definite answer to what a high-quality exclusive remodeling should be like in order to achieve successful result. It certainly became possible due to Alexander and Natalya Sokolov, who together created an amazing tandem of style and construction technology.
Alexander Sokolov is responsible for the technical part of the company: an idealist by nature, a lover of complex and unusual projects. Since childhood he has set difficult tasks, challenging himself to be agile and creative in finding solutions. As a young man, Alexander was fully involved in learning the basics of remodeling and construction work, and by the age of 25 he held a leading position in a construction company.

Today Alexander Sokolov is one of the founders of SOKOL Premium Interiors, he is responsible for all remodeling and construction aspects of the projects. As Alexander himself says, "For me, working with designers is a development path."

Natalya Sokolova, a high-class interior designer, is responsible for the creative component of the projects at SOKOL Premium Interiors. From the very beginning of her career, Natalya knew who she wanted to become in the future. Perseverance, talent and vision of prospects allowed her to become a sought-after interior designer. Her work is distinguished by the original approach, innovative solutions and a deep study of customer requests.

"Beautiful and comfortable interiors really change our lives for the better" - this is the approach that allows Natalya Sokolova to create unique and exclusive interiors that do not leave anyone indifferent.

Alexander and Natalya Sokolov do not use ready-made templates, but prefer a complex, creative process of finding a solution that will ideally satisfy the client. SOKOL Premium Interiors is characterized by a creative and individual approach to each project, reliability in execution and attentiveness to customer requests.

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